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Claudio PRC’s platform for art and sound research, est. 2020.

In life everything is cyclic. It’s said, the wave is the most essential form of creation existing in nature. People, moments, come and go…it’s the law of life. But, in reality, the cycles of our life are all linked together, while one is closing another is opening. 012 (twelve) is a new cycle, a new space dedicated to sounds and art.


[01201] SaffronKeira & Claudio PRC – Mare Tranquillitatis

A1_Mare Tranquillitatis I
B1_Mare Tranquillitatis II
B2_Mare Tranquillitatis III

W&P by SaffronKeira and Claudio PRC in Castelsardo. Artwork by Michele Zuddas. Mastered at Stardelta Audio Mastering. Distributed by Void Vinyl / Unearthed Sounds. Out March 2020.

[01202] Luigi Tozzi & Claudio PRC – Lyra

A1_Lyra I
B1_Lyra II
B2_Lyra III

W&P by Luigi Tozzi and Claudio PRC in Rome. Artwork by Michele Zuddas. Mastered at Stardelta Audio Mastering. Distributed by Void Vinyl / Unearthed Sounds. Out September 2020.

[01203] Blazej Malinowski & Claudio PRC – Future Retro

A1_Future Retro I
B1_Future Retro II
B2_Future Retro III

W&P by Blazej Malinowski and Claudio PRC in Berlin. Artwork by Michele Zuddas. Mastered at Stardelta Audio Mastering. Distributed by Void Vinyl / Unearthed Sounds. Out May 2021.

[01204] Various – Systema Naturae I

A1_Rambadu – Aves
A2_Forest On Stasys – Alumen
B1_Dycide – Lupus
B2_Claudio PRC – Asbestus

Artwork by Ciredz. Mastered at Artefacts Mastering Studio. Distributed by Space Cadets / SRD. Out February 2022.

Mix Series:

012Mix01 – Claudio PRC

Recorded by Claudio PRC in Berlin. Cover picture by Michele Zuddas from the exhibition “Retorica” at 25MQ, Cagliari, September 2019.

Music by:

Multicast Dynamics – Arrival [Denovali]
Rambadu – I Himal [Rambadu]
Mohlao – Vector [Silent Season]
Dycide – Floating [Lowless]
Forest On Stasys – Aniara [Ritualism]
Härdstedt – Sanyo Blue (Luigi Tozzi Dub Mix) [Hypnus]
Vanoni – Haiken [Danza Nativa]
Architectural – Romanticism Movement [Ellum Black]
Psyk – Apart [Mote Evolver]
natural-electronic.system. – Insecta [Delsin]
Michal Wolski – Primeval (Blazej Malinowski Remix) [Southern Lights]
Claudio PRC – Friedrich [Awry]

012Mix02 – Luigi Tozzi

Recorded by Luigi Tozzi in Rome. Cover picture by Maria Jole Serreli from the exhibition “A casa mia avevo tre sedie” at EXMA, Cagliari, July-October 2020.

Music by:

Robert Henke – Studies for Thunder [Imbalance]
Shao – Winter 2012 [Tresor]
Burial – State Forest [Hyperdub]
Marow – Inter 3 [IDO]
Mohlao – File (Scape) [Serum]
Earthen Sea – The Sky is A Sea of Darkness [Silent Season]
Acronym & Korridor – Sscending [Vaagner]
Dj Metatron – Loop 108 [All Possible Worlds] 
Ligovskoï – Mana [Dement3d]
Dj Metatron – Untitled [All Possible Worlds] 
Architectural – Cubismo 8.2 (Lost In Buenos Aires) [Architectural]
Antonio Ruscito – Alodrone [Obseqvivm]

012Mix03 – Blazej Malinowski

Recorded by Blazej Malinowski in Berlin. Cover picture by Olivia Descampe, “Wanderlust”, decollage on paper, 2017.

Music by:

Forest On Stasys – Ùtero [Accents Records]
Joachim Spieth – Solstice [Affin]
Taar1 – erste Variable [Quartal]
Vladw – Tsuri
Antonio Ruscito – Suicide Boy A [Edit Select]
Edit Select – Hi Line Extraction (Claudio PRC Version) [Lanthan.audio]
A Sacred Geometry – Veive [ASG]
Repressed Mind – Pattern Gate (Fanstrřm Remix) [T4F]
Yan Cook – Flamingo [Delsin]
Hattori Hanzo – Moravian Scientist [Observant]
Alexskyspirit – DNA Signal [Edit Select]
Blazej Malinowski & Claudio PRC – Future Retro I [012]
Svarog – Aquila [Dynamic Reflection]
Unreleased – Blurry Trip (Blazej Malinowski Remix)

012Mix04 – Forest On Stasys

Recorded by Forest On Stasys in Buenos Aires. Cover picture by Olivia Descampe, “I’m Not There”, handmade decollage with tape on paper, 2018.

Music by:

Jonathan Fitoussi & Clemens Hourrière – Altitude [Transversales Disques]
Azu Tiwaline & Al Wootton – Light Transmission [Livity Sound]
Moonlight Resort & Spa – Bali Massage [Minicromusic Rec]
Pandreas – Fløite (Trym Søvdsnes Remix) [Mhost Likely]
Dos Ritmos – Serpiente Del Agua [Klasse Wrecks]
Aspetuck – Toutatis (Forest On Stasys Remix) [Self Released]
Polygonia – Coleus [Sure Thing]
Atomic Moog – Static Flow (Rework) [Monument]
Sindh – Miari [Lowless]
Mike Parker – Resonant Collider [Northern Electronics]
r²π – Tredici [Semantica Records]
Vinyl Speed Ajust – Phrase [Self Released]
JD Typo – Unfocused [Wex]
Atomic Moog – Natural Transition (natural-electronic.system. Remix) [Unreleased]
Son Kite – Massive [Digital Structures]
Taken – Cyclic Dawn [Taken]
Dorisburg – Chord Patterns [Northern Electronics]
JD Typo – Proxima Congo [Wex]
Multicast Dynamics – Field Of Dreams [Language Of Colours]