V/A – Acidic Uniformity EP (Planet Rhythm Records)

The infamous Planet Rhythm imprint is celebrating it’s 20th anniversary in 2014. 20, naturally is a landmark-age and shows the label’s ongoing persistence and hunger to catch the right beat. The launch of PRRUKBLK truly represents a new chapter in the already substantial past of one of the most respected techno labels around. PRRUKBLK001 is the perfect kick-off for the new series. Woo York showcases his significant style on the opening track Acidic Uniformity which is as the title suspects a dance floor blast completely drenched with a soaring Acid line. The sophomore track ‘’Contact Point’’ also by Woo York, is a firmly produced dark track with a lot of drum variations and effects it effectively completes the A–Side before moving on to the somewhat more rough work by ‘’Claudio PRC & Ness’’ who cleverly open the B-Side with an uplifting anthem that’s laced up with a firm kick and some other worldly pads. For the closing down of this 12’’ Claudio PRC & Ness go off-beat with staggering atmospheres for the dancefloor oriented ‘’Cogas’’.


Woo York – Acidic Uniformity
Woo York – Contact Point
Claudio PRC & Ness – Rajosa
Claudio PRC & Ness – Cogas

Catalogue number:

PRRUKBLK001, May 2014


Vinyl, digital


“Rajosa” and “Cogas” W&P by Claudio PRC and Ness, Sardinia 2014.


V/A – Acidic Uniformity EP (Planet Rhythm Records)


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