Claudio PRC & UNC – TGP 005 (TGP)

Dark and contemplative release by Claudio PRC and UNC (aka Dubit) for TGP number 005.

New shapes and forms seem to be rising from the surface of The Gods Planet. They are the dark, angular and yet enticing creations from the minds of TGP founder Claudio PRC and ascending talent UNC, and they represent the debut of a promising collaboration between the two techno explorers. Claudio PRC, despite his still young age, is already an established name in the scene, after several releases on Prologue which helped define the modern hypnotic techno sound, now extending his singular vision to labels like Trolldans, Semantica and Outis along with TGP founder Ness. As for UNC, an italian like Claudio, the alias represents the more dancefloororiented expression of someone who´s already been turning a few heads as Dubit, owner of Berlinbased label Several Reasons, who, amongst others, recently released the intimate and adventurous album and visual project, “Fragmenti”.

The two tracks in this release are formally explicit in their intentions : Claudio PRC and UNC are in exploratory mood and they sound hungry in staking their territory clearly, but the rhythmic thrust of the compositions is as important as creating context. MDCCXVIII sets off from a bed of sound effects, drones and electro acoustic flourishes which could be a track in itself, before a progressively more ferocious broken rhythm, almost tribal in nature, and a frantic staccato bass seem to raise us from the surface where we started and hurl us across the air into a full flight punctuated by dramatic quasiorchestral stabs. The track creates a veritable vortex before settling us down again on land, yet in unknown territory. MDXLIV constitutes the 2nd half of the EP and the offbeat rhythmical patterns are present again yet in a more domineering position, this time pierced by nocturnal pads, the buzzing sound of frying circuits and urgent clanging percussion, lending the track an industrialized vibe, like a onceperfect machine in a state of distress.

All in all, this release shows new facets of both it´s creators and raises intriguing questions. Claudio PRC and UNC are defying the listener as much as defying and questioning themselves. In pure sonic terms, these tracks transport you into a futuristic setting, but they seem to warn us of the dark side of progress. In any case, both producers seem more than willing to be a guiding light for the listener, into that obscure yet strangely compelling unknown. If this release is any indication, the voyage to get there will be a fascinating one. (Nuno Mendonça)


Claudio PRC & UNC – MDXLIV

Catalogue Number:

TGP 005, May 2015


Vinyl, digital


Mastered by Soluxion Lab, artwork by Luca Licciardi.


Claudio PRC & UNC – TGP 005 (TGP)


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