VA – GREENOSOPHY Chapter II | Collected by Mizoo (Ultimae Records)

VA – GREENOSOPHY Chapter II | Collected by Mizoo (Ultimae Records)

Swiss deejay Cyril Miserez_dj mizoo takes you on a vibrant journey through vast downtempo ambient soundscapes with solid incursions in the deep trance and techno fields. Featuring engaging tracks from the deejay himself, Ultimae’s AES Dana, Scann-Tec, I Awake feat. Hybrid Leisureland, Cell, Miktek and new comers to the label’s realms such as Mystic Crok, Om aka Ovnimoon, Ascendant and Claudio PRC.

“…tiny seeds slowly converged, took root and from the depth, gently germinated…Greenosophy opens the door to these thoughtful, lunar and at times enlivened blooms”

Mizoo’s Greenosophy Second Chapter is a warm and lush record combining music by some of the finest composers, it’s a smooth outward extension from the original Greenosophy. Cyril Miserez dedicates this story to Francis Bégert, Michel Jaouen and Roberto Bonagura.

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February 2017.