VA – Polarity | Mixed by Focal (Ultimae Records)

From the passionate lands of France, Arnaud Galoppe, known as Focal and Kinosura, has hand-mixed an emotional labyrinth of dark techno and melancholy ambience in Ultimae’s latest compilation. Polarity is a double-sided conglomerate of electronic expressions from all over the world, spanning across atmospheric soundworlds of intimate drone and deep, industrial progressions. This collection of heartwarming soundscapes and foot-stomping house beats is smoother than butter, a series of 26 top-notch tracks that paint an interesting, auditory adventure. Although the album has a minimalistic approach, it offers a surprisingly detailed production. Each track is layered with expert craftsmanship and hypnotic melodies laced against diverse, psychedelic noise echoing in the distance. Polarity is certainly an experience worth traversing, and we are proud to host it as an excellent addition to any electronica connoisseur’s sound-library.

The Polarity artwork was imagined by plasticians Suzy Lelièvre and Raphaël Kuntz. From a sphere, they conceived a parametric deformation protocol for a decomposition in several stages. While Suzy imagines shapes and the potential modifications to impact, Raphaël works on the incarnation process to extract a mineral matter look, something geological, almost chemical. As they materialise, with slow lighting work, shapes undergo random offsets, revealing the tension between a near scientific protocol and its subjective interpretation. Beyond the infinite production of singular shapes, the goal of both artists, especially for this project, is to invent new processes that invite a reconsideration of our attitude to shapes. In the same way, from Ambient to Techno, through a game of modulation of pads, rhythms and frequencies, Polarity offers a variety of musical spectra flowing into one another, a melodic exploration of the twists and turns which link both universes.

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Ambient Side

Aes Dana – Inverted Spring
Merovee – They Own The Night
Valanx – Dance Of Death
Claudio PRC – Hyacinth
Mod21 – Hunting The Black Eagle
Musicians With Guns – La Guerre De Tous Contre Tous
Ennony – Stratospheric Layers
Resoe – Pressure Elements
Variant – Distant Shadows
Kinosura – Spin
Area – Malefactor
Deadbeat – Entonación Chilena​ ​(Atacama Mix)
Beat Pharmacy – Cape May

Techno Side

Kinosura – Paradoxical Escape
Claudio PRC – Hyacinth (Remodel)
Beat Pharmacy – Tone
Zzzzra – Aquilonia
Arne Weinberg – Parabol
Deadbeat – Entonación Chilena
Ennony – Atmospheric Path
Resoe – WTFM
Area – Wanting
Mod21 – Reality In Numbers
CV313 – Beyond Air
Merovee – A Call To Worship
Aes Dana – Otherness


Claudio PRC – Hyacinth (full streaming):

Claudio PRC – Hyacinth (Remodel) (full streaming):

2xCD Booksleeve + Postcards + Bookmarks:

Catalogue number:

inre089 – (C) & (P) 2017 Ultimae, May 2017


Double CD, digital


Mastered by Vincent Villuis and Vladislav Isaev at Ultimae Studios. Original artwork by Suzy Lelièvre and Raphaël Kuntz. Artwork design by Arnaud Galoppe. Text credits: Emmanuelle Hebert and Nick Sumbles. “Hyacinth” and “Hyacinth (Remodel)” W&P by Claudio Porceddu in his nomad studio.


VA – Polarity | Mixed by Focal (Ultimae Records)