Claudio PRC – 012 (TGP)

Claudio PRC – 012 (TGP)

TGP 012 is Claudio PRC’s third long player. A deep techno journey composed by 7 tracks out on 2X12″, CDR and digital, mastered by Marcus Henriksson at Studio Cosmos.

012 is a new step into Claudio PRC’s sound journey, an immersive tale that follows his previous LP’s, Inner State and Volumi Dinamici, in which the sound research and the compositional form are distinctive elements of the production. With its characteristic tension and minimal approach it oscillates through deep, pulsating and atmospheric techno, rising slowly in the surface, to warmer and brighter places, like flowing water.

Discogs: Claudio PRC – 012 (TGP)

Limited 2X12” white vinyl, 2X12” black vinyl, limited 50 CDR with handmade leather sleeve made by Sardinian brand ap.ooo + The Gods Planet sticker inside, digital.

Claudio PRC - 012 Set

Picture by Mattew Arba.

February 2018.