V. A. – AWRY005 (AWRY)

Wrong Assessment presents AWRY005, a 95 minutes digital album within a photographic booklet. The release features 16 original tracks, including renown artists Kwartz, Christian Wünsch, Zadig and Serena Butler among others. The physical version consists of a CD enclosed in a 76 pages publication with uncanny photographs by Leonardo Scotti and Louis De Belle, cleverly put together alongside graphic interventions by artist Domenico Romeo.

Claudio PRC – Void (full streaming):


Magna Pia – The Mirror
Kwartz – Crystallized
Claudio PRC – Void
Christian Wünsch – Fractal interference
Ruhig – Slanting
Leiras – Inner Epsilon
Wrong Assessment – Repulsion
Refracted – And The Drummer Went Mad (Live Take)
Zadig pres. Kern Space Adventures – Plastic Trees
Temudo – O Parvalhão
Sciahri – Verge
Setaoc Mass – Behind Enemy Lines
Alderaan – Autumn
Iori – Nightfall
Alfredo Mazzilli – Luce Nel Buio
Serena Butler – Ima (If U Don’t Deserve Her Love Electro Mix)

Catalogue number: 

AWRY005, January 2019


CD + Booklet, 20 x 24 cm, 76 pages saddle stitched, edition of 100


“Void” W&P by Claudio PRC, Berlin 2018.


V. A. – AWRY005 (AWRY)