Luizar – Flowing Return (Claudio PRC Remix) (Eclectic Limited)

The incredible artist called Luizar landed again on Eclectic Limited with two immersive deep tracks. The hypnotic sound of this artist is an obscure trip in our last project on galaxy vision. To complete the journey through this immensity , two grate masters of electronic music, Claudio PRC and Wrong Assessment , brought us superlative and energetic remixes.


Luizar – Flowing Return
Luizar – Flowing Return (Claudio PRC Remix)
Luizar – Temporary Suspension
Luizar – Temporary Suspension (Wrong Assessment Remix)

Luizar – Flowing Return (Claudio PRC Remix) Premiere:

Catalogue number: 

Eclectic Limited 011, February 2020


12″ transparent, digital

Eclectic Limited 011


“Flowing Return (Claudio PRC Remix)” W&P by Claudio PRC, Berlin 2020.


Luizar – Mechanism EP (Eclectic Limited)