SaffronKeira & Claudio PRC – Mare Tranquillitatis (012)

In life everything is cyclic. It’s said, the wave is the most essential form of creation existing in nature. People, moments, come and go…it’s the law of life. But, in reality, the cycles of our life are all linked together, while one is closing another is opening. 012 (twelve) is a new cycle, a new space dedicated to sounds and art.


Mare Tranquillitatis I
Mare Tranquillitatis II
Mare Tranquillitatis III

Catalogue number:

01201, March 2020


Limited edition black 140g 12″ in full artwork sleeve, reverse board sleeve with black paper inners



W&P by SaffronKeira and Claudio PRC in Castelsardo. Artwork by Michele Zuddas. Mastered at Stardelta Audio Mastering. Distributed by Void Vinyl / Unearthed Sounds.


SaffronKeira & Claudio PRC – Mare Tranquillitatis (012)