Reclaim Your City 403 | Claudio PRC

Reclaim Your City 403 | Claudio PRC

Championing a sound both cogitative and bodily to the full, Italian DJ and producer Claudio PRC punches the clock with a choice token of his signature deep-impact techno blends. Having actively reinvigorated the scene with a noria of high-flying records via the likes of Prologue Music and Semantica, The Gods Planet co-helmsman and 012 chief operator manoeuvres us into a pulsating tapestry of flickering echoes, slo-evolving synth flights and chromatic aberrations, striking a chord of emotional connection that few techno producers out there manage to activate with such strikingly powerful and lasting effect.


Philus – Kefeidi
Thomas Köner – Kyros
Mohlao – Neptune
Luigi Tozzi – Scurrier
Saebius – Hidden Place
S100 – Pygmalion
Orbe – Bastidor
Billy Turner – Exhaust
Merino – Islas
Luigi Tozzi – Leto
Cavüm – Monographic Love
Emily Jeanne – Wanderer
Ruhig – Mitre Peak
Artefakt – Ossature
Edit Select – Parts Unknown #2
Shifted – Trouble
Function – Binaural
Kosei Fukuda – Butterfly Dancers
Viels – Coincidence Two
Model Shape – Hole
Yan Cook – Whistleblower
Sleeparchive – Home
Konduku – Spiracle
Dycide – Fluctuation (Claudio PRC Remix)
Below Surface – Ambiances
nthng – Hypnotherapy
Multicast Dynamics – Outer Envelopes
Artefakt – The Lost Centre

October 2020.