Into deep waters: Claudio PRC – Orb Mag

Into deep waters: Claudio PRC – Orb Mag

Diving into the Sardinian artist’s creative mind to understand the heart of his subtle music.

Underwater, all the forces, including the great gravity, lose their grip on the body, creating a state of weightlessness. Then, during the descent, when the noise of the world completely fades out comes a profound liberation, the wonder of the new environment, the peace coming out of it, the attraction of the empty space.

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Orbcast 005: Claudio PRC


Claudio PRC – Plantae (Ambient Mix)
Claudio PRC – Mystic Garden
Claudio PRC – Commutate
Terence Fixmer & Claudio PRC – Lunar Forest
Claudio PRC – Daenamu
Luigi Tozzi & Claudio PRC – Lyra II
Edit Select – Loop Continue (Claudio PRC Remix)
Claudio PRC – Into Virgo
Claudio PRC – Limnic
Lena Deen – Sleep Don’t Come Easily (Claudio PRC Remix)
SaffronKeira & Claudio PRC – Mare Tranquillitatis III

November 2020.