MNMT Live Stream – Claudio PRC

MNMT Live Stream – Claudio PRC

Berlin, January 12th, 2021

“Dear friends, today I turn 34! I want to celebrate it by sharing a video that was recorded last September in my hometown, Terralba, in Sardinia. It’s a set of drone footages at the fishing village of Marceddì while I was playing for my family and very close friends. Marceddì is a kind of sacred place for the locals. It’s situated on the western coast of Sardinia and it’s formed by a salt water lagoon and a pond surrounded by a big pine forest, habitat of aquatic birds and place of biodiversity, history and ancient culture. I care to show you in a very simple way the place where I came from and that inspired my music so much. It was a very special moment and I want to dedicate it to all the community of Terralba which I miss a lot! Special thanks goes to my brothers Alessandro, Michele, Bio – Generator Party – and Madu who made it possible and to Katerina that kindly offer the space at Monument – enjoy the journey – with love, Claudio”


Master Margherita & Ermetico – Blue Fish (Winter Mix)
Zemög – Chiyangua
Olorun – Aroüagues (Daniel[i] Amalgam)
Birds ov Paradise – Emerald
Forest On Stasys – Wilderness
Dycide – Young Crescent
Feral – Three Faced Queen
Simone Bauer – Ambra
natural-electronic.system. – Libeccio
Dominik Eulberg – Eintagsfliege (Donato Dozzy Remix)

Recorded by Claudio PRC, Marceddì (Terralba, Sardinia) – September 2020. Video by Michele Frattini. Edited by Enrico Madau Image. Streamed by Monument. Special thanks to Generator Party Sardinia and Alessandro Fanari.