Claudio PRC x UY

UY Podcast #8

For the eigth edition of our podcast series, we are blessed to have an artist on board, who played a very important role in our process of growth at UY Studio. Especially in the old days, when we were working through the nights, listening to his beats gave us the energy to push through and make it work.


Music For Sleep – Crystal [Music For Sleep]
Zemög – Dulima’s Base Camp [Indefinite Pitch]
Intrepid Soul – Urban Oasis [Alexandar]
Dycide x MTRL – Lateral Drift [IO]
Andreas – Polemos [Nightime Drama]
Mod21 – Vatnajökull [Anekoic Records]
Imprea – Deimos [Aarden Records]
Forest On Stasys – Paradisaea [Norite]
CTAFAD – 瞬心跡 Centrode [Shanshui]
Biocym – Silent Yaga [Ritualism]
Linn Elisabet – Silencer [Planet Rhythm]
Atomic Moog – The Last Train [Monument Records]
Alan Backdrop – Line B [Harmony]
Claudio PRC – The Place Where We Were Born [Informa]

May 2021.