Bassiani invites Claudio PRC / Podcast #114

Bassiani invites Claudio PRC / Podcast #114

Where past episodes have screamed, this one whispers. Albeit based in Berlin, Claudio PRC’s sound recalls the heavily meditative braindance so abundantly exported from his Italian homeland this past decade. Call it something in the air, or water, the current is there; his particular brand of italo-techno though, borrows from early influences in Detroit and Musique Concrète to intelligently craft a mesh of textures, vibrations and sparing melody that frequently darts through the abyss and across the fourth wall. Need proof? Bassiani Podcast 114 is it. And for those whose curiosity for his work doesn’t end here, check out his output via 012, his collaborative platform for experimentations in art and sound.


Multicast Dynamics – Bamboo
Ive – Nue
Dycide – Lupus
Luigi Tozzi – Almost Blue
MTRL – Javelin
Forest On Stasys – Neotrópico
Markus Suckut – Higher
Atis – Cradled
Refracted – The View From Cal Companyó
Claudio PRC – Vektor
Kaiser – Beginning Of Madness (Claudio PRC Revisited)
Alfredo Mazzilli – Broken Spectre (Edit Select Dub)
Priori – Winged (Donato Dozzy Remix)
Markus Guentner – Keep Your Eyes Closed

March 2022.