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Italian DJ and electronic music producer born in 1987 in Sardinia, based in Berlin.

Claudio PRC is an italian deep techno specialist who takes cues from avant-garde and ambient music as well as the abyssal echoes of early hypnotic acid and dub. He’s been active as a DJ and producer since 2006 and released his records mainly on Prologue Music and Semantica Records. Co-founder of The Gods Planet / TGP project and label, member of Basstation crew in Cagliari, from 2018 he’s resident DJ in one of Prague’s most valued clubs, Ankali, where he curates the Volumi Dinamici night.

1987: born in Sardinia, Italy

2006: started officially to play as dj in Sardinia with Ovest Club and Basstation crews

2007: first release “Island Disease” on Berlin netlabel Intoxik

2009/2013: studied music and new technologies at Cagliari’s Music Conservatory, started to play experimental live acts and to work on audio/video installations

2010: debut release “Clear Depths” on Prologue Music  

2010: co-founded The Gods Planet / TGP project and label

2011/2015: resident dj at rural festival in Japan 

2011: collaboration with Terence Fixmer “Planetary Phase” on Prologue Music

2011: Berghain debut

2012: debut album “Inner State” on Prologue Music

2012/2014: hosted “No Ufo’s” parties in Cagliari, focused on promoting underground techno music in Sardinia with guests like Brando Lupi, Conrad Van Orton, Dino Sabatini, Dj Nobu, Leo Anibaldi, NX1, SaffronKeira, Terence Fixmer and more

2013: released “L Synthesis EP” on Prologue Music

2013: Tresor debut

2014: remixed the legendary track of Teste “The Wipe” for Edit Select Records

2014: moved in Berlin, Germany

2015: live set for the Berlin Art Week at the Main Tropical Greenhouse of Botanical Gardens and Botanic Museum of Berlin, curated by Frantic Gallery – KOSMOS: Macoto Murayama exhibition with live music performance by Claudio PRC “From The Nebular Stars to The Mosses on The Granite Rocks

2017: second album “Volumi Dinamici” on Semantica Records

2018: third album “012” on TGP

2018/2019: resident dj at Ankali club in Prague

2019: co-founded The Abyss Within Us project

2019: editor of Deepartment on Behind The Store magazine, monthly reviews of the latest records coming out in the techno music scene

For booking enquiries: Michael at Elite Music Management (mike@elitemm.co.uk)

Picture by Enrico Madau Image ©


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