Into deep waters: Claudio PRC – Orb Mag

Diving into the Sardinian artist’s creative mind to understand the heart of his subtle music.

Underwater, all the forces, including the great gravity, lose their grip on the body, creating a state of weightlessness. Then, during the descent, when the noise of the world completely fades out comes a profound liberation, the wonder of the new environment, the peace coming out of it, the attraction of the empty space.

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Orbcast 005: Claudio PRC


Claudio PRC – Plantae (Ambient Mix)
Claudio PRC – Mystic Garden
Claudio PRC – Commutate
Terence Fixmer & Claudio PRC – Lunar Forest
Claudio PRC – Daenamu
Luigi Tozzi & Claudio PRC – Lyra II
Edit Select – Loop Continue (Claudio PRC Remix)
Claudio PRC – Into Virgo
Claudio PRC – Limnic
Lena Deen – Sleep Don’t Come Easily (Claudio PRC Remix)
SaffronKeira & Claudio PRC – Mare Tranquillitatis III

November 2020.

The Abyss Within Us – Life in a Circle (Astral Industries)

For AI-21, Italian duo The Abyss Within Us enters the fold. The project, consisting of Claudio Porceddu (Claudio PRC) and Stefano Ferrari (menion), combines lush ambient textures with beguiling mysticism. Originally performed at Ankali, Prague, the rich and expansive “Life in a Circle” constitutes a 2-part journey deep into darker, farther places. Chasmic frequencies hark back to an ancient ritualism, punctuated by uplifting moments breathing with elegiac grandeur.

October 2020.

Luigi Tozzi & Claudio PRC – Lyra (012)

In life everything is cyclic. It’s said, the wave is the most essential form of creation existing in nature. People, moments, come and go…it’s the law of life. But, in reality, the cycles of our life are all linked together, while one is closing another is opening. 012 (twelve) is a new cycle, a new space dedicated to sounds and art.

September 2020.

Reclaim Your City 403 | Claudio PRC

Championing a sound both cogitative and bodily to the full, Italian DJ and producer Claudio PRC punches the clock with a choice token of his signature deep-impact techno blends. Having actively reinvigorated the scene with a noria of high-flying records via the likes of Prologue Music and Semantica, The Gods Planet co-helmsman and 012 chief operator manoeuvres us into a pulsating tapestry of flickering echoes, slo-evolving synth flights and chromatic aberrations, striking a chord of emotional connection that few techno producers out there manage to activate with such strikingly powerful and lasting effect.


Philus – Kefeidi
Thomas Köner – Kyros
Mohlao – Neptune
Luigi Tozzi – Scurrier
Saebius – Hidden Place
S100 – Pygmalion
Orbe – Bastidor
Billy Turner – Exhaust
Merino – Islas
Luigi Tozzi – Leto
Cavüm – Monographic Love
Emily Jeanne – Wanderer
Ruhig – Mitre Peak
Artefakt – Ossature
Edit Select – Parts Unknown #2
Shifted – Trouble
Function – Binaural
Kosei Fukuda – Butterfly Dancers
Viels – Coincidence Two
Model Shape – Hole
Yan Cook – Whistleblower
Sleeparchive – Home
Konduku – Spiracle
Dycide – Fluctuation (Claudio PRC Remix)
Below Surface – Ambiances
Multicast Dynamics – Outer Envelopes
Artefakt – The Lost Centre

October 2020.

Danza Nativa invites 01 – Claudio PRC

Today we started a series of mixes with guests from the global scene. In our first mix we have one of the great exponents and friend of the label: Claudio PRC (012 / Semantica / Prologue).


Carlo Giustini – Gli Spiriti Della Marca
Daniel[i] – Versuri
Shoal – Between Thoughts
Birds ov Paradise – Tutor
Dorisburg & Efraim Kent – Serpentin
natural-electronic.system. – Rituale
Forest On Stasys – Golden Scales
Alan Backdrop – Rfi_5
Architectural – Luminous Path
Dj Clea – Love Is So Confusing (Anthony Linell Remix)
Forest On Stasys – Neon Portal (Claudio PRC Remix)
Luigi Tozzi – Yavin 4

September 2020.

Dycide – Fluctuation (Claudio PRC Remix) (Lowless)

Fluctuation is Dycide’s second solo EP on Lowless and the artist’s first vinyl release. The Munich-based producer presents three club-oriented tracks. A rhythmic and minimalist techno like the German has often accustomed us to. The vinyl opens with the mystical groovy journey called Fluctuation. The second track Fluent Iteration is probably the artist’s most tortured production where a dialogue between a humming bass and a dark pad take the main role. Inflation is a long and dark apocalyptic descent. The deep techno legend Claudio PRC closes the EP in the best way possible with a great remix of Fluctuation revealing his dreamy and emotional side.

September 2020.

Global Vibe Radio 226 Feat. Claudio PRC

Claudio’s sonic journeys have become synonymous with the deep techno sound world over, a reputation that has brought him all over the globe including coveted gigs at Berghain, Bassiani, Freedom Festival in Medellin, FOLD London, C12 in Belgium, Tresor and many more.


Zemög – Musa (Dub Edit)
Atomic Moog – Alternate (Kyntral Remix)
Dorisburg – Stone Circle
Daniel[i] – Jalada (Feral Night Vision)
Dycide – Inflation
Luca Sanna – Dimlight
BNJMN – Indub (Luigi Tozzi Remix)
Alan Backdrop – Kirca
Ben Buitendijk – Timetraveler
Function – Growth Cycle (feat. Robert Owens)

August 2020.

Lowless Open Soul Session #25 – Claudio PRC

For the 25th Episode, we are very happy to welcome the one and only Claudio PRC. A big inspiration for the label. Enjoy the deep and dubby trip.


Daniel[i] – Pyrrhus
Echospace – Spatialdimension (cv313 Remastered 12″ Mix)
Exos – Rigning í Stekknum
Dorisburg & Bergqvist – Virvlar I
nthng – Blazer (Dub Mix)
Prime Minister Of Doom – Truth Inside
PVNV – Consortium (Sterac Basic Mix)
Cyspe – Tracing
Blazej Malinowski – Continuum
ASC – Remedy
Iori – Drifting

July 2020.

Takaaki Itoh – Receptor (Claudio PRC Remix) (KR3 Records)

Curated by the Japanese techno pioneer Takaaki Itoh, with an additional remix by Claudio PRC. KR3 first EP is an intricate labyrinth of sounds, set to come out on both Vinyl and Digital format. Mutual Recognition is a work of insistent raw elements that interweave with hypnotic segments, creating a sense of bewilderment. The A side keeps listeners on the edge with its insistent wobbling and repetitive sounds. Similarly, the B side builds a sense of high intensity; Stinging synths and mental hi-hats interact consistently, resulting in a mesmerizing conversation.

July 2020.