Bassiani invites Claudio PRC / Podcast #114

Bassiani invites Claudio PRC / Podcast #114

Where past episodes have screamed, this one whispers. Albeit based in Berlin, Claudio PRC’s sound recalls the heavily meditative braindance so abundantly exported from his Italian homeland this past decade. Call it something in the air, or water, the current is there; his particular brand of italo-techno though, borrows from early influences in Detroit and Musique Concrète to intelligently craft a mesh of textures, vibrations and sparing melody that frequently darts through the abyss and across the fourth wall. Need proof? Bassiani Podcast 114 is it. And for those whose curiosity for his work doesn’t end here, check out his output via 012, his collaborative platform for experimentations in art and sound.


Multicast Dynamics – Bamboo
Ive – Nue
Dycide – Lupus
Luigi Tozzi – Almost Blue
MTRL – Javelin
Forest On Stasys – Neotrópico
Markus Suckut – Higher
Atis – Cradled
Refracted – The View From Cal Companyó
Claudio PRC – Vektor
Kaiser – Beginning Of Madness (Claudio PRC Revisited)
Alfredo Mazzilli – Broken Spectre (Edit Select Dub)
Priori – Winged (Donato Dozzy Remix)
Markus Guentner – Keep Your Eyes Closed

March 2022.


Planet X: 100 Years Of Colombia – Claudio PRC / December 23 / 7pm-8pm

Planet X: 100 Years Of Colombia – Claudio PRC / December 23 / 7pm-8pm


Joachim Spieth – Sparsha [Affin]
Qeel – Lmaall [Oslated]
Sepian – Entropic [Granular Spectrum]
Archivist – Psion [Sure Thing]
Forest On stasys – Alumen [forthcoming 012]
Array Access – Variation 1 (Evigt Morker Remix) [Ressort Imprint]
Patrick Siech – Acid Monday [Parabel]
Mary Yuzovskaya – Botanica [Semantica]
Ranjit Nijjer – Entering The Mist [Fur:ther Sessions]
Luigi Tozzi – Dream Liquid [Hypnus]
Martinou – Thunder Road [Nous’klaer Audio]
Claudio PRC – Tonal [Delsin]

December 2021.


OECUS Podcast 273 // CLAUDIO PRC

OECUS Podcast 273 // CLAUDIO PRC


Multicast Dynamics – Anima [Language of Colours]
Daniel[i] – Conularii [Huinali Recordings]
Laima Adelaide – Ice Cave [Predawn Records]
Luigi Tozzi – Narcoleptic [Non Series]
Mohlao – Cut [Hypnus Records]
Function – Compulsive Thinking – Repetitive and Pointless [Tresor]
Skjold – Levitate [Edit Select Records]
Biocym – Invasion [Fur:ther Sessions]
Alan Backdrop – Oelo [On Board Music]
Uun – Cult Of Osiris [Semantica Records]
Crossing Avenue – Fuoco Freddo [Outis Music]
Deepbass – Malleus [Planet Rhythm]
Claudio PRC – Orakle [Delsin Records]

Artwork: Ava Krohn

December 2021.


Crack Magazine Sunday Mix: Claudio PRC

Crack Magazine Sunday Mix: Claudio PRC

Sardinia-born and Berlin-based producer Claudio PRC makes humid, meditative techno that’s layered with subtleties, and draws from genres such as ambient and dub.

For his Sunday Mix, the producer opts for less beat-driven, ambient selections. Heavy atmospherics drift to a brighter, more uplifting mood with new age textures. Pure relaxation.


freetousesounds – Thunder Sound Effects – Rain – City Ambi
Multicast Dynamics – Field of Dreams
Red Noise – Jaba Nibu§i
Dj Metatron – Don’t Be Afraid
Music For Sleep – Two In The Afternoon
Son of Chi & Radboud Mens – The Transition Recordings – Side A
Island People – All My Plants Are Dead
Waveform Transmission – D V 3.7 – 3.9
Zëmog – Equality
Wata Igarashi – Traces
Dino Sabatini – Madre Terra
Saphlieaum – Nur
Forest Drive West – October
SaffronKeira with Paolo Fresu – Religion As An Illusion
Adi – Haz
freetousesounds – Thunder Sound Effects – Rain – City Ambi

September 2021.


Rinse FM – Laura BCR avec Claudio PRC – 30 Août 2021

Rinse FM – Laura BCR avec Claudio PRC – 30 Août 2021

Claudio PRC’s contribution for Laura BCR’s radio show on Rinse FM.

Tracklist for second hour by Claudio PRC:

Mohlao – File (Scape)
Laima Adelaide – Mental
Rambadu – Alaya
Zemög – Guaje
Kalon – Man Is The Superior Animal (Function Edit)
Shoal – 108
Artefakt – Ossature
Marcel Dettmann – Factory Report II
M€RCY – Gravity (Luigi Tozzi Remix)
Vardae – 1989
OPL & Worg – Optica
Kontinum – Astrocat
Dycide – Movement II

August 2021.


Untitled. SEMANTICA Γγ. (Gamma)

Untitled. SEMANTICA Γγ. (Gamma)

Limited CD-R Set. Selected and Mixed by Claudio PRC.

Claudio PRC – Untitled

Claudio PRC – Massa

Ryo Murakami – Stunning

Architectural – Fragment 03

Svreca – Jade

Wanderwelle & Bandhagens Musikförening – Celestial Crusade
Architectural – Fragment 01

Cio D’Or – Now And Then

Stretched Freeform – Polución

Claudio PRC – Aleatorio

Simone Giudice – Forma

Stretched Freeform – Múltiples Cariátides

Claudio PRC – S_Drone

Oscar Mulero – The Arms of Fate

Cio D’Or – Cascade (Tr.103)

Artefakt – The Lost Centre

Exclusive Track: Claudio PRC – S_Drone

July 2021.


Claudio PRC x UY

UY Podcast #8

For the eigth edition of our podcast series, we are blessed to have an artist on board, who played a very important role in our process of growth at UY Studio. Especially in the old days, when we were working through the nights, listening to his beats gave us the energy to push through and make it work.


Music For Sleep – Crystal [Music For Sleep]
Zemög – Dulima’s Base Camp [Indefinite Pitch]
Intrepid Soul – Urban Oasis [Alexandar]
Dycide x MTRL – Lateral Drift [IO]
Andreas – Polemos [Nightime Drama]
Mod21 – Vatnajökull [Anekoic Records]
Imprea – Deimos [Aarden Records]
Forest On Stasys – Paradisaea [Norite]
CTAFAD – 瞬心跡 Centrode [Shanshui]
Biocym – Silent Yaga [Ritualism]
Linn Elisabet – Silencer [Planet Rhythm]
Atomic Moog – The Last Train [Monument Records]
Alan Backdrop – Line B [Harmony]
Claudio PRC – The Place Where We Were Born [Informa]

May 2021.


Claudio PRC x UTTA / MedellinStyle

Claudio PRC x UTTA

Festival social online de música electronica de Suramérica by MedellinStyle.


Kadebostan – Spirit Soldiers [Freude am Tanzen]
Forest On Stasys – Ofrenda [Harmony]
Arkajo – Cavejam [Aniara]
Nobody Home – Where We Come From [Home Records]
Blazej Malinowski & Claudio PRC – Future Retro II [012]
Luigi Tozzi – Wastelands [Hypnus]
Agonis – Huting Drums [SMKMCHN]
Prime Minister Of Doom – Drumatise [All Possible Worlds]
Artefakt – The Fifth Planet (Evigt Mörker Remix) [Delsin]
Mary Yuzovskaya – Sleeping B (Blazej Malinowski Remix) [Monday Off]
Handahófi Tíðni – Warm Ice B [Handahófi Tíðni-Musik]
Nthng – Sighting Of An Angel [Mörk]

April 2021.


Claudio PRC – HATE Podcast 226

Claudio PRC – HATE Podcast 226


Multicast Dynamics – Natural Rhythm [Language of Colours]
Wa Wu We – Inwezubel [Konstrukt]
Forest On Stasys – The Message [Lowless]
Amandra & Karim – Sqala 3 (Dorisburg Remix) [Tikita]
Polygonia – Undergrowth [PhonoTropismi]
Bas Dobbelaer & Vand – Nomansland [SoHaSo]
Zemög – Incantation (Claudio PRC Remix) [Different Exhibition]
Münch – Cascades (Feral Tool Rework) [End Of Perception]
Deepbass – Atmos [Informa]
Claudio PRC – Ost [Awry]
Kontinum – Northwest Passage [Pragmat]
Saïph – Jungle Key Activation [self-released]
Evigt Mörker – Enande måne [Northern Electronics]

February 2021.