Danza Nativa invites 01 – Claudio PRC

Today we started a series of mixes with guests from the global scene. In our first mix we have one of the great exponents and friend of the label: Claudio PRC (012 / Semantica / Prologue).


Carlo Giustini – Gli Spiriti Della Marca
Daniel[i] – Versuri
Shoal – Between Thoughts
Birds ov Paradise – Tutor
Dorisburg & Efraim Kent – Serpentin
natural-electronic.system. – Rituale
Forest On Stasys – Golden Scales
Alan Backdrop – Rfi_5
Architectural – Luminous Path
Dj Clea – Love Is So Confusing (Anthony Linell Remix)
Forest On Stasys – Neon Portal (Claudio PRC Remix)
Luigi Tozzi – Yavin 4

September 2020.

Global Vibe Radio 226 Feat. Claudio PRC

Claudio’s sonic journeys have become synonymous with the deep techno sound world over, a reputation that has brought him all over the globe including coveted gigs at Berghain, Bassiani, Freedom Festival in Medellin, FOLD London, C12 in Belgium, Tresor and many more.


Zemög – Musa (Dub Edit)
Atomic Moog – Alternate (Kyntral Remix)
Dorisburg – Stone Circle
Daniel[i] – Jalada (Feral Night Vision)
Dycide – Inflation
Luca Sanna – Dimlight
BNJMN – Indub (Luigi Tozzi Remix)
Alan Backdrop – Kirca
Ben Buitendijk – Timetraveler
Function – Growth Cycle (feat. Robert Owens)

August 2020.

Lowless Open Soul Session #25 – Claudio PRC

For the 25th Episode, we are very happy to welcome the one and only Claudio PRC. A big inspiration for the label. Enjoy the deep and dubby trip.


Daniel[i] – Pyrrhus
Echospace – Spatialdimension (cv313 Remastered 12″ Mix)
Exos – Rigning í Stekknum
Dorisburg & Bergqvist – Virvlar I
nthng – Blazer (Dub Mix)
Prime Minister Of Doom – Truth Inside
PVNV – Consortium (Sterac Basic Mix)
Cyspe – Tracing
Blazej Malinowski – Continuum
ASC – Remedy
Iori – Drifting

July 2020.

Claudio PRC Live at TTT x HÖR, Berlin – 18.07.20


Multicas Dynamics – Nebulous
Daniel[i] – Erato (Dub)
Feral – Oeil Tribal
CH-Signal Laboratories (8003 Lucerne) – Hypnotica Scale 1
Luigi Tozzi – Dry Your Eyes
Obtane & Giorgio Gigli – The Revolt Of The Objects (Svreca Remix)
Shifted – No Paradise
Orbe – Eurofighter Typhoon
Emily Jeanne – Entering The Spetacle
Ruben Ganev – SPX23
Elyas – Silex
Kontinum – Narkonon
Sebastian Bayne – Trasient Pacing
Orbe – Basaltic Composition
Shifted – Moving Towards the Exits

July 2020.

012Mix01 – Claudio PRC

Recorded by Claudio PRC in Berlin. Cover picture by Michele Zuddas from the exhibition “Retorica” at 25MQ, Cagliari, September 2019.


Multicast Dynamics – Arrival [Denovali]
Rambadu – I Himal [Rambadu]
Mohlao – Vector [Silent Season]
Dycide – Floating [Lowless]
Forest On Stasys – Aniara [Ritualism]
Härdstedt – Sanyo Blue (Luigi Tozzi Dub Mix) [Hypnus]
Vanoni – Haiken [Danza Nativa]
Architectural – Romanticism Movement [Ellum Black]
Psyk – Apart [Mote Evolver]
natural-electronic.system. – Insecta [Delsin]
Michal Wolski – Primeval (Blazej Malinowski Remix) [Southern Lights]
Claudio PRC – Friedrich [Awry]

June 2020.

#SlamRadio – 398 – Claudio PRC


Music For Sleep – Notturna
Rambadu – A Luv
Lito – Hidden Shades
Andrea Cossu – Bequadro
Dorisburg & Bergqvist – Virvlar III
Donato Dozzy – Aquatica
Luigi Tozzi – Raiders
Alan Backdrop – Nuos
Psyk – Deep Breath
Ruben Ganev – Totem
Giorgio Gigli – Self Reflection
Hoedus – Light Of Dawn
Oscar Mulero – Assigned Task
nthng – Spirit Of Ecstasy

May 2020.

Claudio PRC Live at Samsara Sessions – HÖR, Berlin – 15.04.20


Multicast Dynamics – Observation Deck
Dycide – Essence (MTRL Revisit)
Mohlao – Influx
Alpi & Essē – Mermaid’s Hassle
Shoal – Taniwha
Abrial – Vaisnavas III
Daniel[i] – Tryra
Oscar Mulero – Goals and Other Perceptions
Luigi Tozzi – Automa
Svreca – Peels A Tangerine
Psyk – Grain
Foreign Material – Of Flash and Duty (A Sacred Geometry Remix)
Forest On Stasys – Jaguar Spirit
Alan Backdrop – Triance

April 2020.

Mysteries of the Deep Podcast, Chapter CXI by Claudio PRC

“With this mix I wanted to experiment with some of the folk music that I collected during these years of traveling around the globe. I wanted to combine a certain type of traditional world music, mainly Asian, with a raw and enveloping ambient and electro-acoustic background. Inside there are aspects of Mongolian, Japanese, Taiwanese and South Korean music culture, together with field-recordings by Hafdís Bjarnadóttir from Iceland and electronic compositions by Eliane Radigue, Pete Namlook, Carlo Giustini, Loscil and Music For Sleep. My aim is to submit the listener to a different approach to listening to folk music, creating a soundscape that fully reflects the experiences and emotions during those travels.”


01. Hafdís Bjarnadóttir – North (Island)
02. (till end) Eliane Radigue – Adnos I
03. Pete Namlook – Music For Urban Meditation – Part II
04. Damdin Khadkhuu – Intro (Mongolia)
05. Carlo Giustini – I Cani Di Strada Ottavi
06. Splendour Of The Shakuhachi – Yamagoe (Japan)
07. Loscil – Windless
08. 大悲咒課頌 – Track 2 (Taiwan)
09. Music For Sleep – Notturna
10. Byungki Hwang – The Labyrinth (South Korea)


Recorded by Claudio PRC, Berlin 2019, released by Mysteries of the Deep, New York, US, cover photo courtesy of Candace Price.