[Monday Off] Ruhig – Metaverse

[Monday Off] Ruhig – Metaverse

Mary Yuzovskaya’s vinyl-only, Berlin-via-Brooklyn Monday Off label is back to techno’s shadowy depths; where the music’s subtle dynamics unfurl in intensely cerebral and psychedelic ways. Italian maestro and Midgar, AWRY and Semantica artist Ruhig returns to MOFF with this stunning new four track release of hypnotic soundscapes.

If the first rays of dawn could be captured in a deep techno track, it would sound something like opener Metaverse with its glistening, understated euphoria. Numerical Analysis plunges back into the darkness, as tension mounts via clattering dissonance throughout. On the flip, Abbreviation pulsates with driving rhythms and heady atmospherics. MOFF favourite Claudio PRC reworks Numerical Analysis into a groove-centric banger that ebbs and flows with mesmerizing precision while also being infectiously danceable.

May 2022.


[Fur:ther Sessions] Polygonia / MTRL – Division / Taris (Remixes by Claudio PRC and Mary Yuzovskaya)

[Fur:ther Sessions] Polygonia / MTRL – Division / Taris (Remixes by Claudio PRC and Mary Yuzovskaya)

Polygonia – Division
Right from the start the listener is cast into orbit with driving percussion and abstract sound effects. Soon they are followed with a morphing bass sound and cymbals which lock the groove into place, cranking the drive to the max. As the track progresses the landscape of sound reveals its nature with metallic quality, like schrapnel from a barren city. Truly a Deep Techno banger which will without a doubt fill a dance floor.

MTRL – Taris
The listener is slowly submerged into the waves of percussive bass sounds and menacing sweeps of noise which remind of a storm in a desert, the horizon only slightly glimmering behind the veil of sand. Soon the listener is introduced with a pounding kick drum, almost making the landscape seem even more ruthless as the track progresses. Quality, heady Deep Techno.

Polygonia – Division (Claudio PRC Remix)
The hypnotic Techno maestro Claudio PRC twists the idea of the original track into a mind explorative voyage with a triplet feel. The remix is shrouded in melancholy with distant pad sounds, which add a nice tension to the track. As usual, a brilliant remix from Claudio PRC.

MTRL – Taris (Mary Yuzovskaya Remix)
On the remix the Berlin based producer is molding the source material into a driving and psychedelic track, functional yet synapse tingling. Now the bass has a bit more liquid-like quality and the overall soundscape is more abstract. Hallucinatory effects of noise are filling the spaces between the sounds, almost like being surrounded with faint whispers. Driving and psychedelic Deep Techno done with finesse.

April 2022.


[De Stijl] Artefakt & Claudio PRC – Collaborations I

[De Stijl] Artefakt & Claudio PRC – Collaborations I

Collaborations is a new series curated by Artefakt on their own imprint De Stijl. Inviting friends and likeminded artists for extended studio improvisations crafting an EP based on live sessions.

First guest is Claudio PRC, a close friend and familiar face in the deep techno scene. Having released on labels such as Semantica, TGP, his own 012 and most recently Delsin Records, he has a close connection to Artefakt. Both artists reside in Berlin and share a dedicated passion for atmospheric and immersive ambient and techno.

Collaborations I features four jams combining the unmistakable strengths of both artists, resulting in a well varied pack of emotive techno with room for experiment. Where “Gaia” and “Dwelling” feel like iconic tracks of the pair teaming up, on the flip side “Sonic Rite” slows down in pace and catches a magnificent groove. The shared love for ambient results in the mesmerizing closer of the EP “Distant Light”.

Mastering: Marco Spaventi. Photography: Nick Lapien. Graphic Design: Lizzy Onck

Juno Records Review

MNMT Special: Artefakt & Claudio PRC – Dwelling live [Collaborations I]

March 2022.


[Northern Electronics] A Dove Has Spread Her Wings: Relief for Ukraine

[Northern Electronics] A Dove Has Spread Her Wings: Relief for Ukraine

As a direct response to Russia’s diabolic invasion of Ukraine, Northern Electronics assembles a sonic charity collection in order to help raise funds for UNICEF, helping the children and families who’s suffering under the rage of their occupier.

All proceeds will go to UNICEF Ukraine.

February 2022.


[01204] Various – Systema Naturae I

[01204] Various – Systema Naturae I

Systema Naturae is the first compilation of 012. It is inspired and takes the name from one of the major works of the Swedish botanist, zoologist and physician Carl Linnaeus dating back to 1735 which broadly describes the hierarchical classification of the natural world. The series consists of three parts, each containing 4 tracks, where several artists are invited to recreate with sounds a deep reconnection with nature. Original artworks by Ciredz.

Mastered at Artefacts Mastering Studio. Distributed by Space Cadets / SRD.

February 2022.


Various Artists – Vortex Chronologies Evo.2 (KR3 Records)

Various Artists – Vortex Chronologies Evo.2 (KR3 Records)

For our second anniversary, KR3 is excited to present the second installment of our Various Artists series with contributions from 8 artists.

Vortex Chronologies Evo.2 – will be available both 2×12” Double Transparent Vinyl and Digital.

The concept embodied in the label’s logo once again comes to life in this compilation; each artist involved was asked to represent their Sonic Idea of a Vortex, resulting in a selection of tracks different in sound but connected by the same concept. Like different paths of the same labyrinth, all converging in a common end.

December 2021.


Archivist – Psion (w/ Claudio PRC Remixes) (Sure Thing)

Archivist – Psion (w/ Claudio PRC Remixes) (Sure Thing)

Sure Thing welcomes two new additions to the label with a long-distance collaboration between Seattle’s Archivist and Berlin’s Claudio PRC. Two original productions from Archivist recall dense, billowing fog and the gentle shimmer of waves, each re-imagined through Claudio PRC’s exacting lens into novel forms that spiral with steady, monolithic intent. Brought together, an expansive double vision, an exploration of the compelling nature of movement and air each within the other.

October 2021.