The Abyss Within Us – Life in a Circle (Astral Industries)

For AI-21, Italian duo The Abyss Within Us enters the fold. The project, consisting of Claudio Porceddu (Claudio PRC) and Stefano Ferrari (menion), combines lush ambient textures with beguiling mysticism. Originally performed at Ankali, Prague, the rich and expansive “Life in a Circle” constitutes a 2-part journey deep into darker, farther places. Chasmic frequencies hark back to an ancient ritualism, punctuated by uplifting moments breathing with elegiac grandeur.

October 2020.

Luigi Tozzi & Claudio PRC – Lyra (012)

In life everything is cyclic. It’s said, the wave is the most essential form of creation existing in nature. People, moments, come and go…it’s the law of life. But, in reality, the cycles of our life are all linked together, while one is closing another is opening. 012 (twelve) is a new cycle, a new space dedicated to sounds and art.

September 2020.

Dycide – Fluctuation (Claudio PRC Remix) (Lowless)

Fluctuation is Dycide’s second solo EP on Lowless and the artist’s first vinyl release. The Munich-based producer presents three club-oriented tracks. A rhythmic and minimalist techno like the German has often accustomed us to. The vinyl opens with the mystical groovy journey called Fluctuation. The second track Fluent Iteration is probably the artist’s most tortured production where a dialogue between a humming bass and a dark pad take the main role. Inflation is a long and dark apocalyptic descent. The deep techno legend Claudio PRC closes the EP in the best way possible with a great remix of Fluctuation revealing his dreamy and emotional side.

September 2020.

Takaaki Itoh – Receptor (Claudio PRC Remix) (KR3 Records)

Curated by the Japanese techno pioneer Takaaki Itoh, with an additional remix by Claudio PRC. KR3 first EP is an intricate labyrinth of sounds, set to come out on both Vinyl and Digital format. Mutual Recognition is a work of insistent raw elements that interweave with hypnotic segments, creating a sense of bewilderment. The A side keeps listeners on the edge with its insistent wobbling and repetitive sounds. Similarly, the B side builds a sense of high intensity; Stinging synths and mental hi-hats interact consistently, resulting in a mesmerizing conversation.

July 2020.

V. A. – in_vurt (Arcing Seas)

100% of proceeds from this compilation will go to vurt, Seoul. Vurt holds a very dear place in our hearts and the owners are like family, so when we heard how they were struggling due to the political situation threat- ening Seoul’s night-life, we wanted to find a way to help. They have received no financial or legislative assistance from the government – electronic music culture in South Korea needs our community’s support! This is a collection of artists who have played at vurt, and its extended family. We have gathered 28 tracks spanning the full spectrum of leftfield, underground techno and experimental electronics, from figure heads of the scene, to bright new talents, including many South Korean Producers.

July 2020.

Forest On Stasys – Neon Portal (Claudio PRC Remix) (Danza Nativa)

After his successful debut release on the label, Forest On Stasys is back to Danza Nativa with The Initiation EP. The tribute to tribal rhythms are once again the protagonists together with enveloping and long-lasting synthesizers, leading us to a mental state. Three original tracks with different characters but with a great connection. The final touch is given by the remix of one of the most outstanding artists involved in the deep techno scene: Claudio PRC. He gives an hypnotic and minimalist version. A perfect interpretation worthy of an experienced artist like him.

June 2020.

Claudio PRC – Insel (AWRY)

Sardinian “Claudio PRC” is a well renowned name in the scene, known for the peculiar, meditative and introspective sound he’s delivered over the years. Claudio is no stranger to our label, kindly gifting us his beautiful track “Void” on the AWRY005 compilation early last year. With his forthcoming release “Insel”, he shows us different sides of his sound, creating 3 tracks with varying moods, each dedicated to experiences during his time in the city of Berlin. The B side features a remix of “Ost” from label owner Wrong Assessment, marking his return to AWRY after his “Asa Nisi Masa” EP release.

April 2020.

Luizar – Flowing Return (Claudio PRC Remix) (Eclectic Limited)

The incredible artist called Luizar landed again on Eclectic Limited with two immersive deep tracks. The hypnotic sound of this artist is an obscure trip in our last project on galaxy vision. To complete the journey through this immensity , two grate masters of electronic music, Claudio PRC and Wrong Assessment , brought us superlative and energetic remixes.

February 2020.