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The Gods Planet hybrid set at Esch, Griessmühle, Berlin, 17.11.17

“Our last event was just perfect. A label night of The Gods Planet with some of our favorite artists and just a perfect atmosphere. We hope to bring some of that to you with this cut from the 4h hybrid set of Claudio PRC & Ness as The Gods Planet. Dive in!” – ESCH

The Gods Planet hybrid set at Ankali, Prague – Extract II, 01.09.17

“September 1st was one of our favourite nights so far. That night Claudio PRC & Ness aka The Gods Planet took over the Ankali booth for an all night long hybrid set of hypnotic goodness and we’re glad that we could share with you a recorded extract of the night. And as memorable nights pile up, more recordings will follow too. Meanwhile sit back and enjoy the premiere.” – Ankali

The Gods Planet hybrid set at Ankali, Prague – Extract I, 01.09.17



Blazej Malinowski – Inner Tension (incl. The Gods Planet Rework)

Blazej Malinowski is back on TGP with his first 12” solo release. Includes The Gods Planet Rework of both original tracks. Out January 2018, vinyl and digital.

The Gods Planet / Deepbass & Ness – TGP Extra 004

New Extra number 004 with The Gods Planet, Deepbass and Ness. Out October 2017, vinyl and digital.



Interview for On the 5th Day

TGP at On The 5th Day, London

“What can we say… We’re a little bit in love with this dynamic and hugely talented Sardinian duo – a lot in love in fact. Take two of the most influential artists from the deep techno realm, individually making a huge impact on the scene and responsible for shaping two very distinguishable sounds; merge them together into a single act with the most sincere of intentions and friendships behind it and what do you have? Pure, incomparable audio gratification, and a performance that will stay at the forefront of your memory for a long time to come! Claudio PRC and Ness are separately known to work some serious magic behind the decks, as any On the 5th Day regulars will have experienced at previous Corsica Studios sessions. They jointly made a hugely anticipated reappearance for On the 5th Day in June 2017 and delivered a closing set which took 5th Dayers to new dizzy heights, hooking them in at the bellies and setting their souls on fire! Ahead of that set, we were fortunate enough to have a chat with the guys in the studio. We loved every minute!” – On the 5th Day

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Kas:st – Hidden Memory (Claudio PRC Remix) (Concrete Music 4AM)

With “Movement of Thought” the french duo Kas:st gives us a new look on what techno should feel like. With incredible sound waves and deep melodic vibrations this release truly is an emotional journey from beginning to end. Through its techno sounds the EP shows that music is the result of the movement of thoughts. Claudio PRC, one of the best techno producers around, offers his own interpretation of the B-Side track “Hidden Memory”.


Kas:st – Celestial Chaos
Kas:st – Mint
Kas:st – Hidden Memory
Kas:st – Hidden Memory (Claudio PRC Remix)

Catalogue number:

CCRT4AM04, December 2017


12″, digital


“Hidden Memory (Claudio PRC Remix)” W&P by Claudio Porceddu, mastered at Artefacts Mastering.


Kas:st – Hidden Memory (Claudio PRC Remix) (Concrete Music 4AM)

Alex Tomb – Probability #6 (Claudio PRC Remix) (Several Reasons)

Following the release of Alex Tomb’s recent album, Probabilities & Unorganised Harmonics, the only thing that made perfect sense was that we put together a great remix release on wax. In fact we are delighted to have 3 new brilliant artists make their mark in the Several Reasons legacy. Claudio PRC, Patrick Siech, Amandra and Mynude join forces to deliver a solid release taking inspiration from one of the most beautiful albums we’ve had the pleasure to release. A 12″ inch that see’s Patrick Siech and Mynude sharing the A side. Patrick doesn’t fail to impress delivering an absolute sub-destroyer with some intense melodic runs that gets the record started with some good energy. Mynude delivers yet another classic by bringing together sharp analog synths sounds and deep percussions alongside mysterious atmospheres which Alex Tomb brings to the table with his first track of his album. On the B side we have Amandra opening with a beautiful and smooth interpretation or he wants to label it “roses” remix. A track full of groove and and obscure percussions that plays delicately on the line of techno and electronica. Closing of the record Claudio PRC delivers a trip of pure auditory sensation. Truly the track feels “swimming” in bass and creates the perfect situation where the gods of melodic and hypnotic techno meet.

The vinyl comes in a sleek white full cover with a delicate & detailed design by none other than Dephreq. Pressed on a stunning full white wax and full colour labels, this release is guaranteed to deliver whether its sitting in your collection or playing on your deck.

Alex Tomb – Probability #6 (Claudio PRC Remix) (Several Reasons)


Patrick Seich – Probability #3
Mynude – Probability #1
Amandra – Probability #4
Claudio PRC – Probability #6

Catalogue number:



Limited edition white 12″ vinyl, digital


“Claudio PRC – Probability #6” W&P by Claudio PRC, mastered at Artefacts Mastering, cover design by Dephreq.


Alex Tomb – Probability #6 (Claudio PRC Remix) (Several Reasons)

Motionen – Erudito (Claudio PRC Version) (

The 9th release of will present you the sound of the Los Angeles based duo Motionen.

The audio/visual project created by Carlos Matamoros (a.k.a Altrd Being) and Matt Salamone presents its solid reputations on dancefloors throughout the City of Angels with growing response and more shows to follow at the whole us ground and over it boundaries. Furthermore they founded their own label Ascetic Limited last year with a very promising path already.

Also we are glad to welcome back Claudio PRC for a interpretation of Motionens “Erudito”. Claudio is part of since the very first release and so a inherent part for

The other version for the track “Balance Theory” comes by Christian Gerlach.


Motionen – Balance Theory
Motionen – Balance Theory (Christian Gerlach Version)
Motionen – Inveterate Listener
Motionen – Erudito
Motionen – Erudito (Claudio PRC Version)

Catalogue number:

LNTHN009, March 2017


Vinyl, digital


“Motionen – Erudito (Claudio PRC Version)” W&P by Claudio PRC, mastered by Marcus Henriksson at Studio Cosmos, cover, photography and press by Christian Gerlach.


Motionen – Erudito (Claudio PRC Version) (

Bunker Podcast 28 – Claudio PRC

Past guest, Claudio PRC joins Melbourne’s Bunker for the 28th Podcast and in typical Claudio fashion, it’s comprised of deep, atmospheric techno. Enjoy.


William Basinski – El Camino Real [2062]
Alan Backdrop – Axiae [EKAR Records]
Edit Select – Loop Continue (Claudio PRC Remix) [Dreiklang]
Maxime – Focus [Circular Limited]
Tawbaq – North Pole Expedition [Circular Limited]
Blazej Malinowski – Confinement [Unknown Timeline]
Svreca & – Aquatermae [Konstrukt]
Son Kite – Eye See You [Iboga Records]
Ness – Psychotechnologies [The Gods Planet]
Lewis Fautzi – Diffracted [Pole Group]
Luigi Tozzi – Binary Sunset [Hypnus Records]
Modern Heads – Eumaeus [Outis Music]
Hydergine – Entheology (Deepbass Remix) [phorma]
Christopher Ledger – Metonimia [МАЯК]
Evigt Mörker – Vem [Evigt Mörker]


Recorded by Claudio PRC, June 2017.

VA – Polarity | Mixed by Focal (Ultimae Records)

From the passionate lands of France, Arnaud Galoppe, known as Focal and Kinosura, has hand-mixed an emotional labyrinth of dark techno and melancholy ambience in Ultimae’s latest compilation. Polarity is a double-sided conglomerate of electronic expressions from all over the world, spanning across atmospheric soundworlds of intimate drone and deep, industrial progressions. This collection of heartwarming soundscapes and foot-stomping house beats is smoother than butter, a series of 26 top-notch tracks that paint an interesting, auditory adventure. Although the album has a minimalistic approach, it offers a surprisingly detailed production. Each track is layered with expert craftsmanship and hypnotic melodies laced against diverse, psychedelic noise echoing in the distance. Polarity is certainly an experience worth traversing, and we are proud to host it as an excellent addition to any electronica connoisseur’s sound-library.

The Polarity artwork was imagined by plasticians Suzy Lelièvre and Raphaël Kuntz. From a sphere, they conceived a parametric deformation protocol for a decomposition in several stages. While Suzy imagines shapes and the potential modifications to impact, Raphaël works on the incarnation process to extract a mineral matter look, something geological, almost chemical. As they materialise, with slow lighting work, shapes undergo random offsets, revealing the tension between a near scientific protocol and its subjective interpretation. Beyond the infinite production of singular shapes, the goal of both artists, especially for this project, is to invent new processes that invite a reconsideration of our attitude to shapes. In the same way, from Ambient to Techno, through a game of modulation of pads, rhythms and frequencies, Polarity offers a variety of musical spectra flowing into one another, a melodic exploration of the twists and turns which link both universes.

Official teaser:


Ambient Side

Aes Dana – Inverted Spring
Merovee – They Own The Night
Valanx – Dance Of Death
Claudio PRC – Hyacinth
Mod21 – Hunting The Black Eagle
Musicians With Guns – La Guerre De Tous Contre Tous
Ennony – Stratospheric Layers
Resoe – Pressure Elements
Variant – Distant Shadows
Kinosura – Spin
Area – Malefactor
Deadbeat – Entonación Chilena​ ​(Atacama Mix)
Beat Pharmacy – Cape May

Techno Side

Kinosura – Paradoxical Escape
Claudio PRC – Hyacinth (Remodel)
Beat Pharmacy – Tone
Zzzzra – Aquilonia
Arne Weinberg – Parabol
Deadbeat – Entonación Chilena
Ennony – Atmospheric Path
Resoe – WTFM
Area – Wanting
Mod21 – Reality In Numbers
CV313 – Beyond Air
Merovee – A Call To Worship
Aes Dana – Otherness


Claudio PRC – Hyacinth (full streaming):

Claudio PRC – Hyacinth (Remodel) (full streaming):

2xCD Booksleeve + Postcards + Bookmarks:

Catalogue number:

inre089 – (C) & (P) 2017 Ultimae, May 2017


Double CD, digital


Mastered by Vincent Villuis and Vladislav Isaev at Ultimae Studios. Original artwork by Suzy Lelièvre and Raphaël Kuntz. Artwork design by Arnaud Galoppe. Text credits: Emmanuelle Hebert and Nick Sumbles. “Hyacinth” and “Hyacinth (Remodel)” W&P by Claudio Porceddu in his nomad studio.


VA – Polarity | Mixed by Focal (Ultimae Records)

Monument 132 – The Gods Planet Label Showcase

Hypnotic techno from Sardinia.

“The Gods Planet (TGP), composed of Italian techno mainstays Claudio PRC and Ness, is a perfect encapsulation of the modern Italian sound.”

Full story on Monument: The Gods Planet Label Showcase


Claudio PRC – Part III – TGP Free Download
Claudio PRC – Typha – TGP Extra 001
Ness – Galaxy Bazaar – TGP 010
Iori – Arc – TGP Extra 002
The Gods Planet – In The Maze – TGP LP 002
Blazej Malinowski – III – TGP Extra 003
The Gods Planet – Steroids – TGP 003
Reggy van Oers – Tetra – TGP Extra 002
Ness – Hybrid Discovery – TGP 007
The Gods Planet – Glimpse – TGP LP 002
The Gods Planet – The Golden Age (Marcus Henriksson Interpretation) – TGP 008
Claudio PRC & UNC – CXXV – TGP Extra 003
The Gods Planet – New Dawn – TGP LP 002
The Gods Planet – Radio Universe (Svart1 Remix) – TGP 006


Recorded by TGP/The Gods Planet, May 2017.

The Memoir – Page 7: Claudio PRC

A podcast curated by Hypnus Records where talented electronic music producers are invited to make a recording consisting entirely of their own creations; a memoir.


Claudio PRC – Emission (Nebulae) [TGP]
Claudio PRC – Echoes [Prologue Music]
Claudio PRC – Nur [Prologue Music]
Claudio PRC – Transparent [Prologue Music]
Claudio PRC – Ostinato [Semantica Records]
Claudio PRC – Through The Lights [Prologue Music]
Edit Select – Hi Line Extraction (Claudio PRC Version) [Lanthan Audio]
Claudio PRC – Oes [Prologue Music]
Teste – The Wipe (Claudio PRC Version) [Edit Select Records]
Claudio PRC – Ter [Trolldans Records]
Claudio PRC – Riflesso (with Dino Sabatini) [Semantica Records]
Luigi Tozzi – Attis (Reworked By Claudio PRC) [Mental Modern]


Recorded by Claudio PRC, May 2017.

VA – Formation 1 (Informa Records)

It may not always be obvious, but music as escapism can serve as a radical social statement. What some may see as a daydreaming or imagination of impossible realities, can constitute a sort of revolution of thought, the seed of a more humane and sensible worldview. Although on a first-rate, high-level basis, it may seem like if the music contained in Informa’s 10th release is a series of psychedelic, dystopian and otherworldly tools for escape, it might be a proposition for improvement, a route to Self-discovery, a reflection on the true nature of our environment.

Although at no point in this release such high concepts are explicitly made, there is a consistency in the vision and methods present in the art created by the peers that the label founder and owner Deepbass has selected for this very special, celebratory release. Encapsulating the product of eight minds, eight visions, in a common concept for evolution in unity. The 8 tracks that make up this double EP create, by sheer power and purpose, a collision of 8 wormholes in different worlds and times, into which the listener is immersed and propelled, and from which he can gather new perspectives, renewed thought, clearness Of mind.

The spinning melodies and traveling colors of Claudio PRC, the deep driving ancient ceremonial music engendered by Alfredo Mazzilli, the electroshock waves of Hironori Takahashi’s submerged sounds or the dramatic, ghostly suggestion of fear and paranoia weaved by nAX_Acid. No imagination of what happens in the eye of every storm, earthly or otherwise. The circular stimulation and mounting tension is evident on Takaaki Itoh’s contribution, the cave-dwelling echoes of Reggy Van Oers’s lightning strikes. And the entrancing menace and feeling of hope are subjugated to Deepbass’s own proposal. All of them can be seen as eight tunneling paths into the lost hours of the longest nights on the dancefloor, or a single unifying quest to take back control of a progressively harsher and alienating reality that engulfs us.

(Nuno Mendonça)

INFORMA010 – A Compilation Of Modern Atmospheric Techno – mixed by Deepbass


Claudio PRC – The Place Where We Were Born
Alfredo Mazzilli – Gandharva
Hironori Takahashi – Foreav
nAX_Acid – Crisium
Ness – The Spaceship Of Imagination
Takaaki Itoh – Terraria
Reggy Van Oers – Ebullient
Deepbass – Battle For The Mind

Claudio PRC – The Place Where We Were Born:

Catalogue number:

INFORMA010, May 2017


Double vinyl, digital


“The Place Where We Were Born” W&P by Claudio Porceddu. Mastered at Artefacts Mastering.

VA – GREENOSOPHY Chapter II | Collected by Mizoo (Ultimae Records)

Swiss deejay Cyril Miserez_dj mizoo takes you on a vibrant journey through vast downtempo ambient soundscapes with solid incursions in the deep trance and techno fields. Featuring engaging tracks from the deejay himself, Ultimae’s AES Dana, Scann-Tec, I Awake feat. Hybrid Leisureland, Cell, Miktek and new comers to the label’s realms such as Mystic Crok, Om aka Ovnimoon, Ascendant and Claudio PRC.

“…tiny seeds slowly converged, took root and from the depth, gently germinated…Greenosophy opens the door to these thoughtful, lunar and at times enlivened blooms”

Mizoo’s Greenosophy Second Chapter is a warm and lush record combining music by some of the finest composers, it’s a smooth outward extension from the original Greenosophy. Cyril Miserez dedicates this story to Francis Bégert, Michel Jaouen and Roberto Bonagura.


Claudio PRC – Domo (full streaming):

CD Booksleeve + Postcards + Bookmarks:

Catalogue number:

inre090 – (C) & (P) 2016 Ultimae, February 2017


CD, digital


Collected by Mizoo. Mastered by Vincent Villuis & Vladislav Isaev | Ultimae Studios. Artwork by Arnaud Galoppe and Vincent Villuis. “Domo” W&P by Claudio Porceddu in his nomad studio.


VA – GREENOSOPHY chapter II | Collected by Mizoo (Ultimae Records)