Mysteries of the Deep Podcast, Chapter CXI by Claudio PRC

“With this mix I wanted to experiment with some of the folk music that I collected during these years of traveling around the globe. I wanted to combine a certain type of traditional world music, mainly Asian, with a raw and enveloping ambient and electro-acoustic background. Inside there are aspects of Mongolian, Japanese, Taiwanese and South Korean music culture, together with field-recordings by Hafdís Bjarnadóttir from Iceland and electronic compositions by Eliane Radigue, Pete Namlook, Carlo Giustini, Loscil and Music For Sleep. My aim is to submit the listener to a different approach to listening to folk music, creating a soundscape that fully reflects the experiences and emotions during those travels.”


01. Hafdís Bjarnadóttir – North (Island)
02. (till end) Eliane Radigue – Adnos I
03. Pete Namlook – Music For Urban Meditation – Part II
04. Damdin Khadkhuu – Intro (Mongolia)
05. Carlo Giustini – I Cani Di Strada Ottavi
06. Splendour Of The Shakuhachi – Yamagoe (Japan)
07. Loscil – Windless
08. 大悲咒課頌 – Track 2 (Taiwan)
09. Music For Sleep – Notturna
10. Byungki Hwang – The Labyrinth (South Korea)


Recorded by Claudio PRC, Berlin 2019, released by Mysteries of the Deep, New York, US, cover photo courtesy of Candace Price.

FOLD Invites Claudio PRC + Interview

Claudio PRC is a favourite amongst the entire team at FOLD. As the first DJ playing at the Semantica Records night Claudio set the perfect tone for our early dancers and the following sets from his label mates. From listening to this set you can clearly hear the passion Claudio instills into his track selection and blending. We relish the opportunity to allow DJ’s like Claudio to comfortably perform exactly the way they want.

Accompanying this mix, our in-house journalist, Smoki, posed some questions to Claudio on his approach to warming up a dance-floor.

Live recording:


Thanks for agreeing to this interview Claudio. Your recent warm up set at FOLD was a masterclass in how to get a deep techno party started. First, I’d love to ask what you thought of FOLD?

When I played for the first time at FOLD I was amazed by the structure. A warehouse which totally represents the true underground spirit in London. Finally, something that the city absolutely needed…for my past experiences! How it was made and managed is very pure, a community completely devoted to our culture. The sound system and its DJ booth is perfectly made and curated, along with the LED wall and lighting system. I always feel comfortable playing there.

How do you prepare your warm up set? Do you mix in a different way when playing at this time?

When I prepare a warm up set I want to start from a primordial sound. Like concrete sounds. In general, field recordings related to a specific experience or a specific place – which in that time – are inspiring me most. Then slowly I like to add synthetic sounds, beat-less, mainly drones with dilated elements, long pads and wrapping atmospheres aimed to create an imaginary life to the room. A frame, an imaginary soundscape. Always slowly, I start to add percussive elements and rhythms, some melodies, trying to reach a point where the groove can come in. The method of mixing is very deep and dilated in space, aimed at creating the right climax.

In your opinion, what makes a great warm up set?

The warm up set is the most important part of the party. It’s the beginning of the story of the night, so it leads the night in a specific way. From my point of view the opening set must give to the people the proper welcome in the club. I like warm welcomes, so as a dancer I would love to be hugged by the music with warm and pleasant sounds, to let my ears adapt to the sound system and to be comfortable with the space and with the other dancers. Another very important thing is to be respectful to the artist who is playing after, to leave to him/her a proper key to start his/her performance as best as possible. It’s important to really know who is playing after and to listen to a lot of his/her music!

Tell me about playing to audiences in London, Claudio.

For a couple of years I’ve been playing regularly in London and during this time I was able to build a passionate crowd who constantly come to my gigs because they want to listen to a certain type of music and to have a deeper experience. It’s beautiful to see in the last years how deep music has created a common sense of party all over the world! London is undoubtedly part of this scene, it’s a community which is linked to each other and I am very happy for this.

Lastly, I’d like to find out which producers or DJ’s are really exciting you right now?

Thank you so much for giving me the possibility to tell you my point of view on this topic which I love so much. I’ve been impressed in the last couple of years by my dear friend Luigi Tozzi. He is a young talent but he already has great maturity on all these things we discussed here. Both his productions and his DJ sets are an example of how something should be done properly. If you don’t know, I totally recommend!

Thanks for the taking time to answer these questions Claudio!

꿈 Kkum 08 – Claudio PRC

Monday 15th July 2019.

The eighth episode of Kkum is the set of Claudio PRC who is a Deep Techno / Ambient artist from Italy. The story of Claudio’s dream which consists of deep sounds from the soul continues during 60min.

꿈 Kkum Podcast – Episodes about Dream, running by vurt.


Multicast Dynamics – Oriva
Carlo Giustini – Ciò Che Resta
Antti Rannisto – Colors
Pete Namlook – Music For Urban Meditation – Part III
Abul Mogard – House On The River
Wanderwelle – Ancestral Guidance
Saba Alizadeh – Dream
Unjin – Untitled Space
Leandro Fresco & Rafael Anton Irisarri – Bajo Un Ocaso Desteñido


Recorded by Claudio PRC, Berlin 2019, released by Kkum, Seoul, South Korea.

Winter In June & Vâyu – Wisdom & Healing (Claudio PRC Remix) (Kizen Records)

Winter in June & Vâyu with their first collaborative creation “Dance of The Kachinas” Being based in different places, their work originated, grew and blossomed somewhere between Cagliari and Paris. The EP includes a remix from Italian maestro Claudio PRC.


Winter in June & Vâyu – Dance of The Kachinas
Winter in June & Vâyu – Bhakta’s Devotion
Winter in June & Vâyu – Wisdom & Healing (Claudio PRC Remix)
Winter in June & Vâyu – Wisdom & Healing
Winter in June & Vâyu – Whirling Dervishes (Digital Bonus Track)

Catalogue number:

KZN003, July 2019


12″, digital

Winter In June & Vâyu - Dance Of The Kachinas - Kizen Records


Wisdom & Healing (Claudio PRC Remix) W&P by Claudio PRC. Mastered by Neel at EnissLab. Artwork by Javier Marimon.


Winter in June & Vâyu – Dance of The Kachinas (Kizen Records)

Kosei Fukuda – Sky Clair (Claudio PRC Deep Mix) (Reiten)

Sixth release by Japanese artist Kosei Fukuda from his own platform. Remastered version of the digital bonus track “Sky Clair” from REITEN 0.003. B side contains remixes by Claudio PRC and Uchi.


Kosei Fukuda – Sky Clair (Remastered)
Kosei Fukuda – Sky Clair (Claudio PRC Deep Mix)
Kosei Fukuda – Sky Clair (Uchi Remix)

Kosei Fukuda – Sky Clair (Claudio PRC Deep Mix) Premiere:

Catalogue number:

REITEN 0.006, August 2019


12″ transparent, digital

Kosei Fukuda - Sky Clair (Claudio PRC Deep Mix) Vinyl


Kosei Fukuda – Sky Clair (Claudio PRC Deep Mix) (Reiten)

FOLD X Claudio PRC

FOLD and CLAUDIO PRC team up to deliver us back to the roots. Bringing together Mike Parker and Stephanie Sykes to rewrite history.

Sat 18.05.2019, FOLD – Gillian House, Stephenson St, London E16 4SA, UK.


FOLD is a new institution for the arts based in the heart of East London’s, Canning Town. Home to music and creative studios and a 500 capacity state-of-the-art performance space.


Claudio PRC & Andrea Ferlin – Kármán Line EP (Mama Recordings)

Claudio PRC & Andrea Ferlin teaming up for the very first time delivering two fresh cuts of their distinguished deep and minimalistic trademark sound.


Claudio PRC & Andrea Ferlin – Kármán Line
Claudio PRC & Andrea Ferlin – Exosphere

Catalogue number:



Vinyl only, 180gr marbled


W&P by Claudio PRC and Andrea Ferlin, Berlin. Mixed and Mastered at AMAM Studios, Cagliari.


Claudio PRC & Andrea Ferlin – Kármán Line EP (Mama Recordings)

Kryss Hypnowave – Ursa Major (Claudio PRC Version) (No Way Records)

“Costellazioni” is the name of the new and awaited No Way Records vinyl release for the beginning of 2019. It’s an Ep composed by two pieces signed by Kryss Hypnowave and two remixes created by Claudio PRC and Sicarius Hahni. The originals are two tracks of hypnotic and liquid techno, tribute to the glorious Rising High production. Ursa Major, in the powerful remix of Claudio PRC (The Gods Planet label founder) takes on a deeper and more nocturnal connotation, a cutting diamond for finest dancefloors, while Sicarius Hahni (pupil of No way Records) rework Hydra, making it glide in a field of blooming strawberries.


Kryss Hypnowave – Ursa Major
Kryss Hypnowave – Ursa Major (Claudio PRC Version)
Kryss Hypnowave – Hydra
Kryss Hypnowave – Hydra (Sicarius Hahni Remix)

Catalogue number: 



Vinyl, digital


“Ursa Major (Claudio PRC Version)” W&P by Claudio PRC.


Kryss Hypnowave – Costellazioni (No Way Records)

Claudio PRC – Hapësira Podcast II

We leave the reins of our second podcast to Claudio PRC, who together with Ness left lasting impressions through their trademark transcendental sound back in 2017 during #RWVIII.


Multicast Dynamics – Surface II
Mohlao – Aperture
Luigi Tozzi – Black Market
Adiel – Melodica
Blazej Malinowski – ADD
Yogg & Pharaoh – Jacqueline
Motionen – Ion
Amandra – Volques (Evigt Mörker Edit)
Patrick Siech – Noctambulist
Leiras – These Bones
Kaspiann – Birds
Oscar Mulero – Texture (Cassegrain Remix)
Kryss Hypnowave – Ursa Major (Claudio PRC Version)
JP Enfant – Our Future Is Under Construction


Recorded by Claudio PRC on February 2019, released by Hapësira, Prishtina, Kosovo.