Ankali Residency 2018/2019

From October 2018 Italian dj and producer Claudio PRC is resident of Ankali club in Prague where he will host and curate a new regular night Volumi Dinamici. Named after a project released last year for Semantica Records, Claudio transforms it into a club format exploring different dynamics of techno music.

For this year two dates are already lined up with Cio D’Or on October 12th and Wrong Assessment on December 28th.


12.10.2018: Volumi Dinamici: Cio D’Or, Claudio PRC, Alfred Czital, Yan

28.12.2018: Volumi Dinamici: Wrong Assessment, Claudio PRC, fleika

VA – Eternal 1 (Attic Music)

Eternal is the new VA series that celebrates the 10th anniversary of the label and the city where it was born: Rome.

Many superlative artists and friends of the label will be involved…some of them already in our roster.

The first episode of the series is signed by Insolate, Abstract Division, Claudio PRC and Allen.


Insolate – Deviant Behaviour
Abstract Division – Trascendent
Claudio PRC – Atik #2
Allen – Override

Claudio PRC – Atik #2 (full streaming):

Catalogue number:

ATTICETERNAL01, September 2018


12″ golden vinyl, digital


“Atik #2” W&P by Claudio PRC. Mastered at Enisslab Rome. Design by Fabio Milito.


VA – Eternal 1 (Attic Music)

Claudio PRC – Night Shift (Luigi Tozzi Remix) (TGP)

Claudio PRC – Night Shift from “012” remixed by Luigi Tozzi. The EP includes also Alan Backdrop remixes for Ness – Psychotechnologies taken from “Trancemigration” LP.

TGP 013 Preview:


Ness – Psychotechnologies (Alan Backdrop Remix)
Claudio PRC – Night Shift (Luigi Tozzi Remix)
Ness – Psychotechnologies (Alan Backdrop Version)

Claudio PRC – Night Shift (Luigi Tozzi Remix) (full streaming):

Catalogue number:

TGP 013, July 2018.


12″, digital


Remixes W&P by Alan Backdrop and Luigi Tozzi. Mastered at Artefacts Mastering. Artwork by Aerphis. Worldwide distributed by Vinyl Future.


Claudio PRC – Night Shift (Luigi Tozzi Remix) (TGP)

Edit Select & Claudio PRC – Contact (Soma Records)

Edit Select & Claudio PRC “Contact” taken from Edit Select “Cyclical Undulations” LP on Soma Records.

“…Contact, produced in collaboration with Claudio PRC, delves into more submerged sounds with heavy sub bass and echoed drums…”

Edit Select & Claudio PRC – Contact (Soma Records) (preview):

Edit Select & Claudio PRC – Contact (Soma Records) (full streaming):

Catalogue number:

SOMALP118, March 2018


2×12″, digital

Edit Select - Cyclical Undulations (Soma Records) Vinyl


Edit Select & Claudio PRC “Contact” W&P by Edit Select and Claudio PRC. Mastered by Conor Dalton. Artwork by Plastica.


Edit Select – Cyclical Undulations LP (Soma Records)

VA – One Instrument Volume 01 (One Instrument)

In a scenario of overwhelming number of instruments, musicians often do not take the time to deepen and explore the creative possibilities of each gear they possess. One instrument aims at counter-acting this tendency by challenging and limiting each artist in producing a composition by using only one instrument of their choice.

One Instrument Volume 1 is the physical fulfillment of eight sound experiments composed by different producers using these guidelines:
The choice of the Various Artists format aims at creating an harmonious journey across different sub-genres in the ambient, techno and experimental worlds, which can perfectly embrace each other.

The LP opens with a composition by In Bloom, the new project of Martino Bertola, who drives us directly into a melodic ambience. To follow it is the dense, polyrhythmic experiment by Fabian Kempe’s project ‘Korridor’. Serena Butler’s piece is built around spacey sounds and breezy rhythms.

Yhdessa, the newly born Dutch-Italian duo formed by Grand River (Aimée Portioli) and Enrica Falqui, leans towards ambient atmospherics and ominous sonorities with a refined Northern European touch. Yair Elazar Glotman ventures us across his contrabass player skills giving an acoustic touch to the record.

Swedish producer, Fjäder (Ida Matsdotter), handles the flip with a moody techno cut filled with evasive analog acutes.

Claudio PRC delivers an electroacoustic soundscape created with a tiny, graceful drone machine.

The Dutch duo, Wanderwelle, closes the LP with a dreamy and delicate excursion evoking the mysterious sides of nature.


In Bloom – Korg DS-8
Korridor – Orgon Systems Enigiser
Serena Butler – Korg Polysix
Yhdessa – Waldorf Micro Q
Yair Elazar Glotman – Contrabass
Fjäder – Korg MS-20 Mini
Claudio PRC – Rucci Minimal Drone
Wanderwelle – Roland Juno-106

Claudio PRC – Rucci Minimal Drone (full streaming):

Instruments used:

Rucci Minimal Drone
Dreadbox Lamda 24db Low Pass Filter
TC Electronic Arena Reverb

Rucci Minimal Drone:

This is a minimal drone synthesizer capable of dense sounds. Two oscillators modulate each other while a third selectable LFO adds more interesting rhythmic drones. There is also a low pass filter and volume. A CV input allows you to power the device with control voltages from 0-5V for interesting automated power sag results.

Website: Handmade Electronic Instruments

Rucci Minimal Drone

Catalogue number:

ONEINST001, April 2018


Vinyl, digital

One Instrument Volume 01 Limited Edition 12”, 180 gram vinyl, includes a photograph printed on A5 matte photographic paper. The photograph is made by Marco Fasoli. Upon the photograph 5 different drawings were made by the visual artist Chris Hernandez.

VA - One Instrument Volume 01 (One Instrument) Vinyl


“Claudio PRC – Rucci Minimal Drone” W&P by Claudio PRC. Mastered by Giuseppe Tillieci at Enisslab Studio, Rome. Original artwork by Marco Fasoli.


VA – One Instrument Volume 01 (One Instrument)

Label Showcase: Ultimae Records (Mix by Claudio PRC)

Claudio PRC highlights his favourite tracks from Ultimae catalogue, embracing all aspects of the music of the label, from ambient and experimental, to chill out and techno.

Read the feature: Label Showcase: Ultimae Records – Orb Mag


01. AES Dana – Antimatter (Ante)
02. Hybrid Leisureland – Trampoline Hotel
03. Cell – Second Shape Part II
04. AES Dana – Aftermath # 04
05. Sync24 – Source
06. Between Interval – Aerolith
07. Liquid Stranger – Minimum
08. Master Margherita & Ermetico – Blue Fish (Winter Mix)
09. AES Dana – Perimeters
10. AES Dana – Memory Shell (Lost Radio Edit)
11. H.U.V.A. Network – Processing Lights
12. Robert Rich – Somnium


Recorded by Claudio PRC, released by Orb Mag.

rural present Brass at Unit, Tokyo, March 2018

rural present Brass, UNIT, Tokyo, March 2018

rural present Brass at Unit, Tokyo, March 10th, 2018.

With their tenth anniversary on the horizon, rural pop indoors for a night with some of their closest associates.

[UNIT Floor]
AOKI takamasa (live)
Claudio PRC (The Gods Planet | Italy)
Wata Igarashi (Midgar)
Ena (7even | Samurai Horo)

[SALOON Floor]
KABUTO (Daze of Phaze)
Mari Sakurai
Yellow Uhulu (FLATTOP)
CYK Crew (Nari | KOTSU | DJ No Guarantee | Naoki Takebayashi)

Picture by Eri Adachi.